Michael Rivera
SVP / Executive Creative Director at The Integer Group / TBWA

“Matt is a battlefield creative director. He’s a quick thinker, cool under pressure and never, ever quits. I owe many wins and creative successes to Matt’s talent and efforts. His work as a creative leader on True Value and Sennheiser helped to evolve those brands to truly integrated entities. He is also a new business dynamo, and played a key role in a decisive Culver’s win. He’s a quick, flexible strategic thinker comfortable in cross-platform creative challenges, and thrives on collaborative teams. And, ask anyone who’s seen him present, when it’s showtime, you will not be disappointed.”


Matt Kuttan
Senior Vice President / Creative Director – Leo Burnett / Arc Worldwide

“I’ve known Matt ‘Sully’ Sullivan for over 15 years and gave him his first job in advertising. He exceeded all my expectations and is a rock star with his creativity and dedication. If I never need a powerhouse to originate game-changing ideas, he would always be top of my list.”


John Immesoete
Chief Creative Officer – They Ryan Partnership / Commercial Director/Writer

“Matt worked for me at Marc USA (and I worked for him previously as a commercial director of a few of his TV commercials), and in both situations it was a pleasure to work with him. Matt is a smart, hard-working and extremely dedicated worker, both as a creative conceptualist and as a creative department manager. His ideas a smart, strategic, and creative. Just as importantly, he has plenty of them and knows how to choose his battles; when an idea is really working he’s eager to explore it, when it isn’t he knows how to pursue it to improve it and when it’s time to walk away. Managing a creative group is an extremely difficult task. It involves working with egos and personalities that are times very fragile and easily frustrated. Matt has shown an ability to recognize young talent that has potential but that needs nurturing and positive reinforcement. I saw him personally take interest in the talents of a young creative who was frustrated and felt ignored by her previous supervisor, Matt got her to re-engage and re-focus through positive reinforcement and she began to really shine. He increased the companies value by finding worth in an under-valued asset and we all benefited from this. In addition to his creative and managerial abilities (and his true belief in the Team First Concept), Matt is a genuinely nice and fun person who is a pleasure to work with and for. I have seen and worked with many creative people (and had many work for me) and Matt is one of the finer ones I’ve seen. It’s a pleasure to offer him my endorsement.


Cindy Hicks
Group Managing Director at mcgarrybowen

“Matt is one of the best creatives that I have worked with. In addition to being a talented creative, he is very strategic and is always looking for opportunities to incorporate new media ideas into traditional campaigns. He strives to make the work better and takes pride in  effective advertising. Matt is a delight to work with. His team respects him and his clients love him and he is truly a partner to the account team. I believe Matt would be an asset to any agency.”


Paul Elam
VP, Management Supervisor at Cramer Krasselt

“Matt (Sully) is one of the best creatives I have worked with over the past 18 years in the advertising industry. Matt approaches every single brief with passion and verve.

IMHO, Matt’s best trait is his ability to formulate the ‘big idea’ and yet keep all of the details in check. Whatsmore is that Matt also has the uncanny ability to think like an account person – he is always thinking a few steps ahead. Which is much appreciated from an account person’s standpoint.

And another thing – Matt is easily one of the best presenters I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He knows how to work the room and sell the idea.

Bottom line – if I had a choice of one Creative Director to bring into a creative shootout…I’d choose Matt. No question.”


James Blystone
Vice President Marketing and Communication at Glacier Restaurant Group

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
“We were fortunate to have Matt on our business leading the creative concepting and overall creative execution. Matt is a vigil steward of the brand yet consistently brought us new idea and was effective in pushing us beyond the status quo. He is a great partner, listens well to direction (he is a creative guy though) and has been an integral part of our marketing team. He is well liked by all and brings some much  needed levity to those long shoot days we’ve all been on…”


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